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Enjoy the sensation of smoking - without nicotine or calories!  Experience the satisfying lift from the relaxing air flow...

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Use Better Quit® when you
have the urge to smoke!

  • Provides a breath of fresh air with every use.
  • Allows you to vary the
    air flow.
  • Satisfies the need to do something with your hands.
  • Has a comfortable
    biting surface for tension relief.
  • Contains no nicotine, tobacco by-products, or calories.
  • Produces no primary or secondary smoke.
  • Is non-flammable.
  • Is reusable.
  • Has a quality look.
  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Requires no prescription.


"Better Quit® is making a valuable contribution in our Stop Smoking Clinics.  We use it along with the nicotine skin patch.  Over 90% of our participants find Better Quit® to be a helpful substitute for a cigarette."

               - Dr. K. Michael Cummings, PH.D., MPH
                  Smoking Control Program
                  Roswell Park Cancer Institute

"Coping techniques to deal with cravings may be especially important.  The Better Quit® cigarette substitute... is an excellent way to satisfy the oral and handling needs and fill the void left by cigarettes."

               - Dr. Jed Rose, Nicotine Patch Inventor
                  Excerpt from QuitSmart™ Manual
                  By Dr. Robert Shipley

"Better Quit® gives smokers a tangible cigarette substitute to address the important habits of smoking.  The unique adjustable airflow gives them something active to do with their hands.  With respect to the deep breathing incorporated into Better Quit®, I've seen chemistry change in people who breath deeply.  Patients find deep breathing a very helpful thing to do.  I can think of a lot of physiological benefits from deep breathing."

               - Dr. David P.L. Sach, M.D., Pulmonologist
                  Center for Pulmonary Disease Program

"My smoking clients are making amazing improvements with the Better Quit® cigarette substitute.  We would love to make the Better Quit® product a permanent part of our program.  Thank you."

               - Harley D. Sears, Certified Hypnotherapist
                  Owner, Jinsei Center for Integrative Health




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