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Enjoy the sensation of smoking - without nicotine or calories!  Experience the satisfying lift from the relaxing air flow...

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Use Better Quit® when you
have the urge to smoke!

  • Provides a breath of fresh air with every use.
  • Allows you to vary the
    air flow.
  • Satisfies the need to do something with your hands.
  • Has a comfortable
    biting surface for tension relief.
  • Contains no nicotine, tobacco by-products, or calories.
  • Produces no primary or secondary smoke.
  • Is non-flammable.
  • Is reusable.
  • Has a quality look.
  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Requires no prescription.



View letter from Dr. Robert Shipley, Ph.D.
Director of Duke Medical Center's Stop Smoking Clinic

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"I quit smoking March 15th, 2007. Almost 2 years ago thanks to Chantix and Better Quit. I still have to have my Better Quit cigarette to hold in my hand and mouth at times. Some days I don't hardly even think about it and some days I do but at least I grab a Better Quit instead of a real cigarette now. Thank you so much for your help."

             - Betty Irving

"I was a heavy smoker (a pack and a half a day).  That is about 500 hand to mouth movements a day and I needed something to replace the repetitive movement that comforted me so.  I tried pens and pencils and coffee stirrers but they felt different in my hand.  The Better Quit fake cig gave me something that was the same width and weight of a real cigarette and allowed me to "smoke" it anytime I needed to.  The Better Quit cig helped me long after the first few days of nicotine withdrawal.  All of those expensive gums and patches are worthless after the first week of quitting, it is that old familiar motion of hand to mouth and puff and down over and over again that is needed to succeed in beating the addiction.  It is truly amazing that this little, low priced plastic cigarette was the key to me breaking my disgusting habit. Thank you Better Quit!."

               - Michael Delfin

"I have been a smoker for fifty years and I do not think I could have given up my habit without the help of Better Quit®.  It is useful for people who need to experience the hand to mouth motion, similar to smoking."

               - Pat Wilmore

"I received a sample of Better Quit®.  My father had been advised not to smoke for medical reasons.  He had just started trying to quit after smoking for over forty years.  I gave him the sample, and he has taken it every where with him.  Now he does not smoke cigarettes.  We believe Better Quit® saved his life.

               - Allen Freiberg

"When I decided to give up the habit of cigarette smoking, I didn't realize the total extent of the habit.  I soon realized that half the addiction was the feel of the cigarette between my fingers and the constant puffing sensation.  My habit had me continuously reaching for that elusive cigarette.  I am so thankful that I had Better Quit®."

               - William Core

"There are at least two distinct and positive features of the device, Better Quit®, that are worth noting:

1.  The adjustable air intake mechanism allows me to simulate my favorite brand of cigarettes, or any brand for that matter.  I am able to get the exact air intake of a Winston Light;

2.  The texture of the device allows for chewing, much like that of a plastic pen.  This is desirable, as smokers who are trying to quit often chew on pens, pen tops, and the like.  Before I used Better Quit®, I chewed on many pens."

               - Alfred H. Garvey

"Although I quit smoking several months earlier, Better Quit® was an invaluable tool and during the constant battle to remain cigarette free.  Unlike the devices I had used during the first sixty days, the Better Quit® device felt like a cigarette in my hand, didn't cause lip sores from mentholate and plastic and didn't leave a candy taste behind.  Not only did it feel like a cigarette, it inhaled like a cigarette!  It gives me a peaceful lift and sense of security."

               - Sandra Marsyla


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Add your testimonial from using Better Quit®!



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